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Brand Strategy + Brand Identity + Brand Guidelines + Editorial Design + Web Design / Development



Spacejam is a space planning and interior design firm that partners with top development firms in Gauteng and boasts shared successes with numerous big brand projects. Geolix is proud to be the official brand custodian and creative partner of Spacejam and assists with shaping its brand value and perception in the marketplace.

Goals &


Our goal was to create a bold identity, marketing material and online presence for Spacejam. Although their identity needed to reflect on Spacejam’s renown of working on large projects with reputable corporations, we strived to retain a sense of playfulness and fun in their brand identity. We used a vibrant colour scheme and lively design elements throughout the corporate stationery, marketing brochures and website to highlight their lighter side..

“Thank for creating a fresh new identity for Spacejam that we can be proud of! We are over the moon.”

Adèl Lösch, Director – Spacejam