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Brand Guidelines + Copywriting + Editorial Design + Litho & Digital Printing



The Cities Infrastructure Management Delivery Management System (CIDMS) was an unprecedented initiative by the Cities Support Programme and National Treasury, supported by the cities of Cape Town, eThekwini (Durban) and Johannesburg.

In particular, this toolkit provides principles, methodologies, processes, techniques and case studies to assist infrastructure planners and decision makers to plan comprehensively for urban infrastructure, make infrastructure investment choices designed to futureproof cities, accelerate the delivery of infrastructure, and establish systems and mechanisms that will ensure that infrastructure is optimally managed.

Goals &


Geolix had the privilege of being tasked with the design and layout of all 12 modules of the CIDMS under the expert guidance of leading asset management specialist, Louis Boshoff, managing director of i@ Consulting. A coherent colour scheme was assigned to each module and the scope of work entailed a visual style guide, the design and layout, and the customised creation of graphs, schematics, infographics and iconography. In addition, Geolix implemented a digital portal where documents could be accessed and reviewed online.

“Our clients have on numerous occasions commended us on the quality of guidelines, manuals, brochures, presentations and other products that Geolix produced for us. George displays utmost professionalism, is on point with latest technologies and trends, is highly responsive and able to deliver under pressure.”

Louis Boshoff, Managing Director – i@ Consulting