Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality - Geolix Creative Consultancies
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DESIGN & BRANDING + Litho & Digital Printing

Client &


Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality commissioned the creation of their Asset Management Plan. Among other design and creative deliverables, Geolix illustrated a series of infographics and schematics to demonstrate various aspects of the complex field of asset management. Under the expert guidance of i@ Consulting, we produced vibrant and distinct visuals to communicate large volumes of information in a digestible format. The final outcome consisted of detailed illustrations and figures of electricity networks, potable water systems, sanitation and solid waste, to name a few.

“The team also gives the non IT user a lot of inputs and guidance in the development of a website, the interfaces of software or any other project they are involved in. The team is creative and always exceed the expectations of their clients.”

Erina Otto, Director: Data & Properties – i@ Consutling